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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to book an appointment? 

Yes, we work by appointment only as you will have exclusive access to the boutique during your appointment to ensure a personal and luxurious shopping experience. 

What is the price range of prom dresses?

Our full price, non-sale prom dresses start from £199, up to £595. 

What is the price range of wedding dresses?

Our Le Novia bridal gowns are priced £395-£595. Our Tania Olsen gowns are priced £495-£695 and our Demetrios gowns start from £1250. 

When should I start looking for my wedding dress?

12 - 18 months before your wedding is a good time to start dress shopping. 

Can I pay in instalments? 

Yes, a non-refundable deposit will secure your bridal or prom dress and then the balance will payable within 3 months.

Can someone else at my school get the same prom dress as me?

We keep a schools register and guarantee not to sell the same dress to the same school, not even in a different colour! However, as with other boutiques/prom dress suppliers, we cannot guarantee that someone cannot purchase the same dress at a different boutique around the country, as prom designers give boutiques exclusivity for their towns only. We are proudly partnered with The Dressworx boutique, Hartlepool - meaning we share a school register, so if you buy a dress from us, that they also stock, if someone from your school visits The Dressworx, they won't be able to purchase your dress from either us or The Dressworx! 

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